Opus 10 Menu Toolbar

How can I set Opus 10 so that the Menu Toolbar looks like earlier versions that didn't have drop down menus for the types of views (Explorer, Dual Vertical, Dual Horizontal etc.)?

One of these two guides should have what you want:

[ul][li]How to create a Styles tab-bar (like Opus 9)[/li]
[li]Your old toolbars are still there after you install Opus 10[/li][/ul]

For opus 12, while going through the new videos I noticed that I didn't have the matching tool menu, so i was trying to figure out how to reset the menu, and i finally solved it this way

delete menu.dop

The reason for not up-to-date menu was that the file was migrated as is from 11
This FAQ link shared above helped me find the right answer


You can right-click the built-in toolbars (on some empty space, not on a button or sub-menu) to see a context menu which includes an option to factory-reset them.

You are right! I remembered there was something like that, but when I right clicked the tools menu it didn't show up, I thought of the menu as a separate thing rather than part of the menu toolbar, so my mistake.