Opus 12.12 installer threw up some errors regarding chm files

Now, the local help files are gone.
The Help folder in Program Files is empty.
Is there an easy way to just download those help files and put them in the folder?

What were the errors? What did they say?

The help file should still be there. If the Help folder is empty then something has gone wrong. Please try reinstalling over the top of the existing install. Make sure you get the installer from our website, and avoid using any kind of third party "installer/uninstaller" utilities on top of the installer itself.

It was something about not being able to copy the .chm and gave me 'Abort', 'Ignore' options. I just ignored because it was only happening with those few chm files.

I've always updated via the Opus update window. (i.e. click download and when finished click install)

I'll try re-installing over top of the current install.