Opus 12.31 build 8459 - sFTP unable to load keyfile (PuTTYY key format too new)

Hello.. I currently use Opus for all my ftp connections and noticed with newer generated Putty keys for key exchange directory opus 12.31 build 8459 comes back unable to load the key file.

I was hoping there may be an updated patch or something that could be used that may be able to work with newer keyfiles. I've verified I am able to use WinSCP and FileZilla without any issues so from what i can tell the keys should be ok.

Keys Generated with PuTTYgen : Release 0.78 on Windows 11 OS if that matters.

The exact error is ..

Initialised zlib (RFC1950) decompression
Reading key file "C:_AppData\PuTTY\PrintDelivery_Private.ppk"
Unable to load key (PuTTY key format too new)
Unable to load key file "C:_AppData\PuTTY\PrintDelivery_Private.ppk" (PuTTY key format too new)


It only works with the older format at the moment. There are some forum older threads with more detail which I can dig out if you need it, but that’s the short answer.

We plan to change how SFTP works in the future but need to finish other work first.

Thanks for the reply/update.. No need for you to spend time digging for references.. i'm good and will just wait for the later update. I figured it was something that would eventually be worked out, just wanted to make sure was aware or know about the issue.

Its only come up with some of the newer generated keys which i only have 2 sites using so no big deal at all to manually work around. Glad to hear it will be addressed in the future though as i do love opus and its become my daily one stop app for all file management. Great product!!!

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PuttyGen.exe can import the key and export it into the old format, if that helps.

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Thanks for that.. i was NOT aware that was an option in Putty gen and that will be an easy thing to make sure Im doing for creating new keys for the short term. Thanks again