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Opus 12 Dark - Linux Mint Cinnamon



I like dark themes so I have modified DO to look like the Linux Mint Cinnamon dark theme.

There are some element colours that I have not been able to change. Is it possible to change these elements shown below.

Overall look so far:

  1. Is it possible to remove the white border around the menu?

  2. Change the text colour and background of the lister toolbar.

  3. Change the white line above the status bar.



Simple Dark Theme

None are currently changeable, unless you change your Windows theme (which is where they all come from).

We’re keeping a list of ‘dark theme issues’ to improve things in this area in the future, so please report any other issues that you find.


Added a theme file (.dlt) for those that want to try it.

Please make a full backup of your config before trying it.
Directory Opus - Linux Mint Cinnamon.dlt (21.9 KB)

Leo, please move this to the Themes section.


Please make a new post in the themes section. This thread has how-to questions at the top which people looking for themes won’t want to wade through.


The utility panel.


As discussed here, the currently selected toolbar button (without needed to switch to office 2003 style).

Perhaps we should rename this thread to make it easier to find.


Status bar will be better with dark themes in 12.8.2 (edit - there was no 12.8.2 beta in the end; these changes were part of 12.9.1 beta):


Awesome job. Thanks.


That will be are configurable in 12.8.2 12.9.1: