Opus 12 Public Beta

GP Software are proud to announce that a public Beta of Directory Opus 12 is now available for all interested Opus 11 users.

We are still several months away from finishing Opus 12 and this is very much pre-release software, with lots of untested changes. The release date and pricing (beyond what's mentioned below) are yet to be decided.

Before installing the Beta please note the following conditions:

[ul][li]This is a very early beta release. There will be bugs. Some graphics are still placeholders. Errors and omissions excepted. Use at your own risk![/li]
[li]Initially the beta is only available in English; other languages will become available progressively as they are translated. We will post below whenever new translations become available. Note that if you have a special "Chinese-only" version of Opus you unfortunately won't be able to use the beta until the Chinese translations are available.[/li]
[li]The preliminary release notes are linked below as a PDF, and can also be found in the F1 help file installed with the Opus 12 beta (in the Release History section). Other than these notes, the help file/manual has not yet been updated; this will be done progressively over the Beta period. Feel free to ask on the forum for help with any particular features.[/li]
[li]You should make a backup of your Opus 11 configuration before installing the Beta.[/li]
[li]A time-limited certificate will be issued free of charge for the duration of the Beta period; however, when the certificate expires you will need to purchase the Opus 12 upgrade or revert to Opus 11.[/li]
[li]Opus 12 will be a paid upgrade. Depending on when you purchased Opus 11 you may qualify for a free upgrade - the exact cut-off date has not been decided, but anyone purchasing Opus 11 after the announcement of this public beta will definitely qualify for a free upgrade to Opus 12.[/li][/ul]

For more information, and to help us test the beta, see here.

In the new Microsoft Win 10 fast track build (released TODAY) they have dropped the build numbers from the main window. Thus hinting at a final rel;ease to manufacturing (probably not). Under Beta 12 DOPUS no longer crashes but does in this build and the previous build a few days before. The crash offers to relaunch the DOPUS Window and it does launch it on the folder it was at and it actually runs for a period of time then repeats the cycle as much as you can stand. Odd thing is it seems to be almost 5 minutes or so.

So far love the new pictures support (I'm a Photographer). Love that it no longer crashes even more. Not sure what can be done to the version 11 to fix it. I still have another machine running the latest Win 10 build and running DOPUS 11.19. I have not paid for a DOPUS release in a long time so it's probably about time.

There's a thread about the crashes in recent Windows 10 Insider Builds here: Error in Windows 10 Build 14376.

There is a temporary workaround (stopping a service), and Microsoft are aware of the problem at least. If you have more info to add, please add it to the thread so it's all in one place.

Glad you like the new photo features. :smiley:

I have 7 days remaining in my Beta license, what happens after the 7 days, I don't see any place where I can purchase the v12 non-beta.

You can go to gpsoft.com.au/support/beta.html to get a new beta certificate which lasts until the end of September.

The process is the same as when you got your original beta certificate; only the expiry date has changed.

Remember to download and install the new certificate into Help > Licence Manager. (Double-clicking the .opuscert file should work as well, except with portable installs.)

I downloaded a beta certificate yesterday but I'm wondering...

  • is the official release expected soon so I'd might as well wait for it?
  • it's still going to be a while so go ahead and install beta?


I got a Beta certificate per email today - in the email it says:
"If you are a registered Opus 11 user [I am], this certificate will expire at the end of July 2016"

Has the email just not been updated, or is the certificate no longer valid?
Also the download link for the beta is not working.

Any news ? :slight_smile:

I'm running 12.0.05 x64 and the link to download the release seems broken.

One of the issues I found has likely been resolved already. When I set a folder format for a specific folder, that format becomes the format for all folders rather than the given folder.

Forgive me if this is the wrong forum to post this note.

A new version will be up shortly.

Opus 12 is out of beta now, and 12.1 can be downloaded from here:


More details in the sticky & news area.