Opus 13.5 Installed - How to now use Opus 12

I have default Opus 13.5 installed. I would now like to install Opus 12 So I can compare both. I did a backup, Opus, before installing Opus 13. I than removed Opus 12. So I will some how have to use the Opus 12 backup, if that's possible.

To go from Opus 13 to Opus 12:

  • Backup your Opus 13 config (Settings > Backup & Restore).
  • Uninstall Opus, and reboot when prompted
  • Install Opus 12, and restore your Opus 12 config backup.

To go from Opus 12 to Opus 13:

  • Backup your Opus 12 config. (Settings > Backup & Restore)
  • Install Opus 13 over the top of Opus 12, and reboot if prompted.

I want to have both available on the same computer.

You can't have two listers from different versions simultaneously. You need to put one version into a Sandbox or VM, or use a USB export to change back and forth.

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