Opus Crashes

I Have been Testing Opus 8 For a few weeks, all in all nice.

One thing i have noticed is It may crash from time to time when Deleting And Creating Folders.

As a matter of fact it crashed 3 times when deleting a folder and once when creating a folder.

Known Bug?

Microsoft Windows XP Workstation 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
Intel Pentium 4 3037 MHz MMX / Memory: Total - 523 MB, Free - 151 MB

Internet Explorer: 7.0.5296.0 / ComCtl32.dll: 5.82.2900 / Shlwapi.dll: 6.0.2900 / Shell32.dll: 6.0.2900 / wnaspi32.dll: 4.60 (1021) , ASPI for Win32 (95/NT) DLL, Copyright © 1989-1999 Adaptec, Inc. / Aspi32.sys: 4.60 (1021)

Ripping / Drive G: HL-DT-STDVDRAM GMA-4020B Mode:Normal Type:Auto Speed:Max
Drive H: IDE-DVD DVDRW8651 Mode:Normal Type:Auto Speed:Max
Digital playback: Yes / Use YADB: Yes / Get cover art: Yes / Calc replay gain: Yes / Copy volume: 32767
Eject after ripping: Yes / Play sound after ripping: No

Burning / Drive G: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4020B Addr: 1:0:0 Speed:12 MaxSpeed:12 BurnProof:Yes
Drive H: IDE-DVD DVDRW8651 Addr: 1:1:0 Speed:40 MaxSpeed:40 BurnProof:Yes
Test mode: No / Eject after writing: Yes / Direct decoding: Yes / Write CD-Text: Yes
Use playback settings: No

Odd. I've never seen Opus crash while deleting or creating a folder. Perhaps something else you're running is conflicting and causing this.

Do the crashes only occur on a particular drive, in a particular folder?

How are you creating the folders? Hotkey? Toolbar button?

I Was Able To Reproduce The Crash

Have Two Folders Open

C:\Test\ (Left Side)
D:\Test\ (Right Side)

Take a File And Cut Info From The File Name From Drive D:

Then Paste It Into Drive C:\Test\

Each Time You Do It, The Program will start Creating Files Like

Clipboard Text.txt
Clipboard Text(1).txt
Clipboard Text(2).txt
Clipboard Text(3).txt

Then Right Click In C:\ Select Create Folder
Then Take what Is In The Orginal Cut
Paste Name Into The Create Folder Window
Then Click "OK"

When I Just Tried It To Reproduce The Problem It Only Took Me Two Times Before Opus 8 Crashed.

I am thinking it may have something to do with the clipboard and what Opus thinks may be in it, But that is just a guess.

I have never had a problem with typing in a folder name and creating it that way (yet).

I have tried following your example and no crash here. Works exactly as intended.

Now, what else are you running at the same time? Shell extensions?

What's the actual error message you get? Can you post a grab of the crash dialog?

It Just Vanishes

Whats On The Screen And The Program Also Vanishes From The Notify Window (Lower Right Corner) In windows xp.

I am wondering if something else could be shutting it down?

I'll ask for the third time. What else are you running? Any shell extensions?

Or... any sort of clipboard management/extender apps?



I am going to test it on a few other computers however.

No, not that i know of

I am using Microsoft one care, microsoft defender, and microsoft IE7, adaptec raid 0/1 software. Bulletproof ftp server, Mailwasher Pro, TuneUp Memory Manager


I just tried it with Dr watson running, and it reported no errors ocured, when Opus8 closes so i'm guessing it is not a Opus8 Problem.

I am going to test it on a few other computers however.[/quote]

Microsoft Defender is known to cause various problems for people - it's a beta release for a reason. Other items in your list are BETA products. You'd be better off removing unstable software and seeing if Opus stops crashing.

If that doesn't help then start turning off the other programs (one by one) and see if you can nail it down to a conflict with one particular product. Then others can test with the same program.

Yes, already working on that



There may be some minor editing with this page in the next few days


Thanks For Everyones Help

It seems Out of the testers I was the onlyone with this problem.

Dear KingSparta,

no, your are not the only one having this problem.

It is the same with my installation!

NO shell extensions, NO clipboard management/extender apps, and NO MS defender.

My system: MS Windows XP SP 2, Intel Pentium M 1.5 Ghz, 1.5 GB RAM


OK Bernie, then the same questions apply to you. What else are you running along with Opus?

Besides Directory Opus :wink:
and the usual XP-Services and IBM-Services (IBM-Notebook)

  • McAffee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0
  • Novell-Serices
  • Nokia PC Suite


Well there must be something common between your system and King Sparta's. So far only 2 of you have the problem, no-one else can reproduce it.

As I suggested to King Sparta, try the process of elimination. Follow his steps for reproducing the problem, and each time close down one of your running programs. See if you can nail it down.

Unless a crash is reproducable I would guess that there's very little GPSoftware can do. The problem is determining the common issue between your machines - it could be a misbehaving hardware device or driver (and "but nothing else has a problem" is not helpful nor relevant), an obscure software conflict, some nuance to the way you are both performing the task which we're not doing, something that got broken on your system by a piece of software (possibly something you no longer use or have installed), some combination of Opus settings/preferences, etc etc.

If you're able to I'd try disabling the anti-virus first, since that's something which may do things when folders are created and thus could cause a conflict, although I'm not aware of any similar conflicts.