Opus 9.5.2 hangs when trying to open "Computer" in Win7

Hi folks,

I'm having a problem since a couple of Opus versions.

My OS is Windows 7 64-bit. I'm using the program in explorer replacement mode w- the recommended folder setting. When i try to go to the folder Computer, Opus hangs and is not responding anymore. I need to kill it w- the task manager.

Why is this happening? Is there a workaround? Computer is an important folder where i can see the drives, available space etc. But it's not possible at the moment with DOpus.

Your help is greatly appreciated,

What's shown in your Computer folder?

Anything unusual like items for things which are not standard disks?

The cause of the crash may be a shell extension. You can use ShellExView to see which shell extensions are installed on your system and try disabling them temporarily to see if it helps. Concentrate on the non-Microsoft ones.

This is in my Computer folder:

I don't know, is there anything unusual?
I'll try with ShellExView a bit later, and will report.

OK, it's one of the DOpus shell extensions, that's causing the crash. I'll have to test each one of them. If you read this, Leo, in the meantime, maybe you can suggest wich one could be the culprit. Otherwise, report follows soon.

Correction: It's not one of the Opus extensions, i cannot reproduce it anymore. I keep testing.

Well, it's no shell extension out of the non-MS ones. Could it be it's one of the MS-extensions? How do i test it? Is it save to disable them all?

I think i'll wait for your opinion first.

It's unlikely to be any of the MS ones (unless they're from unusual products, at least).

If you go to /dopusdata\Formats (via the Opus location field) and then rename/move system.off, does that solve the problem?

(If it does, could you zip up the old system.off file and send it to me via a private message to see if I can work out what caused the problem.)

Thanks, Leo. That was the problem, the old stinky System.off, doh! I remember the delay problems in WinXP's My Computer caused by that, some time ago. Should've thought of that bugger! :unamused:

Interesting thing - it's a fresh install on newly purchased Win7 Home Premium. Or maybe the System.off file was in the settings backup i restored?

I'll send the file to you, but it's 2MB. Hope it's not too big for a PM.

System.off is included in the settings backup. Opus is meant to drop the file if it detects it's for a different version of Windows but maybe that check isn't working here or something else is going wrong.

The file should compress well as it's a big load of XML data.

You have PM.

I think i first installed DOpus on Vista32, then i moved back to XP, then again to Vista32, then again to XP. Finally i'm happy with Win7. So the backup'd System.off could be a mix of XP/Vista. Not your usual scenario, i guess... :blush: :smiley:

I had the same problem. Navigating to any system folder (My Computer, Recycle Bin, Network) would hang Opus for about 10 seconds. After reading this thread, I renamed the system.off file and that cleared it up. The old one was about 1.7 MB, but the recreated one is just a few kB. I'm also using Windows 7 x64.