[Opus 9] My Documents not working

When I go to Desktop in Opus 9 and double click on it nothing happens, even right clicking on it does not bring up the floating menu.

[My documents folder)


[Double-click/right-click on desktop items does nothing (XP))

I am using XP and not Vista so it is a bug or something I'm not doing correctly.

Same thing here but I think it might be related to this:

[url]Double-click/right-click on desktop items does nothing (XP)]

Both the threads are about XP. It seems to be a bug in Microsoft's hotfix, although it doesn't happen to everyone (my XP machine has the hotfix installed and doesn't have the problem for some reason).

The choice seems to be to either live with the bug (and get to My Documents via a different way, e.g. the Go menu) or to uninstall the hotfix (and risk whatever the bug is that it fixes).

MS are aware that it causes the problem but AFAIK haven't offered any kind of solution.

In fact, the hotfix broke quite a few things: groups.google.com/groups?q=KB921398

I just found some suggested registry settings that might be worth a try, in the 7th reply to this thread:
groups.google.com/group/microsof ... 4c9fa0278e

Later on he says he's only tested the settings on XP SP1 and doesn't think they'll work on SP2, though... But it doesn't hurt to try them and set them back if they don't work.

If you have any luck please let us know.