Opus and Explorer slow to drag & drop large number of small files

I've a folder with 275,000 files, each about 1-5k in size. It's impossible for me to copy those files anywhere using Dopus - it maxes out a thread and just sits there for as long as I'm willing to wait before killing it (many minutes btw)

Anyone else seen this, or have a workaround?

This is a quite high performance PC, Windows 10-64, SSD with plenty of space... checks all the boxes but right now I'm reduced to using DOS to copy my files.

Does it hang for good, or just temporarily? How long have you waited?

Is there CPU usage shown in Task Manager? (From Opus or another process?)

Does copying the same files via File Explorer or other software exhibit any issues? (If antivirus is the cause, it may or may not affect other software, as it can treat different tools differently, but it's one thing to keep in mind.)

Is Opus showing the folder that the files are being copied to? Are all the files going directly below the destination folder, or into subdirs? (Sorting a quarter of a million files as they all arrive in a single, flat folder may be quite slow, for example.)

Is Flat View mode on in Opus? That can slow things down a lot if the destination is being displayed recursively while a lot of files are copied into it.

  1. I have left it for over 30 minutes
  2. One thread is maxed out permanently
  3. I've excluded the file type from Windows defender
  4. No sign of any progress - no popup. Dopus window shows the hourglass
  5. Standard side-by-side view with no filters, no flat view
  6. Important observation: ctrl+a -> ctrl+c in the src windows, then ctrl+v in the destination window works!

So it's something with the drag. Copy and move both exhibit the hang when dragging a large group of files
Also, using TeraCopy from within Dops (same src and desk folders) hangs too.

Does that help?

Forgot to add: I can live with this given that copy-paste works but I have such a habit of dragging files this will bite me quite frequently, and the only way out is to kill the dopus process from task manager.

That's quite strange, if both of those cause the problem but copy & paste doesn't...

Could you make some process snapshots while the problem is occurring? Those may reveal what's going on. Here's how:

Recently copied over 1 Mio. (!) files with sizes between few KB and few MB with portable DO in 3 stages onto a customers new server - no issues.

Well, for a long time I have seen the same issue with Drag and Drop of 1000+ files - it takes ages until the copy process actually starts. I always thought this is Windows making DOpus wait, so I never mentioned it. And yes, Ctrl-A (to select) Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V works immediately. So there is a slow Drag n Drop enumeration happening somewhere and my best guess is a Windows process.

It was recently asked, but not answered, I don't think, whether the same happens in File Explorer.

It is also slow in File Explorer, although not AS slow - for example it took 10 minutes to get going compared to DOpus which was 15 minutes to get going. This is based on a very quick test just to confirm whether there's a difference or not. I think there is, but it's clear that the OS is much more to blame than DOpus itself. But man, I would love to find a solution to this...!

Two things I would like to point out:

  1. Copying 25,000 files in 2 operations is significantly faster than copying 50,000 at once. Getting going with 50,000 files took over 3 minutes. Getting going with 25,000 took less than 1 minute. Is there a way to get DOpus to "chunk" a large selection in a similar way? I would expect that is technically quite feasible.

  2. If the process is a move operation, DOpus spends ages refreshing the source window where the files came from - you can see the file list slowly shrinking down. It's way, way quicker to switch to another folder and back. Any way to change DOpus so it does a clean refresh of the folder rather than a slow countdown of files as it notices they are missing from its displayed list?

If it’s affecting Explorer and TeraCopy as well as Opus then it must be something outside of Opus.

In Opus you can use the Copy Files and Move Files toolbar buttons to avoid having to use drag & drop.

Whatever is making drag & drop slow could be something in Windows itself but could also be anti-virus or anti-ransomware, or clipboard monitor/history tools, or some other thing that gets involved when the Windows drag & drop objects are populated and used.

Once I found them (toolbar was hidden) then sure enough the buttons work really nicely, copy starts instantly. I just have to train myself to use them instead of being all "mousey"

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New theory: Windows wants to thumbnail... badly...

I just noticed that drag and drop of a bunch of Epub files became much slower after installing a thumbnail provider for Epubs. It looks like Windows wants to create thumbnails for graphical drag and drop and that can take quite a while.

A couple of days ago I switched to the copy and move buttons that I simply ignored for the past ten years or so (I Ctrl-X Ctrl-Ved). It actually makes my life a bit easier, especially as I had a custom Move button for Robocopy anyway and still never thought of using the standard Move button.

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