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Opus by Kondi



The Rapidshare img links didn't work for me so I've moved the images into the message/forum.

(There's no need to use Rapidshare as you can include images in posts using the attachment stuff at the bottom of the post form.)


Sorry i don't remember to use FreeUser - Rapidshare feature


There's no need to use Rapidshare at all for forum posts. It's blocked by a lot of work proxies/firewalls, too, so it's good to avoid it if possible. (It's still useful for huge files, of course.)


I know, I know... I don't remember that the forum supports attachments. :unamused: Sorry... :blush:


Fair enough. :slight_smile:

Nice to see something different with your column backgrounds, BTW. The colours remind me a bit of one of the apps I used to help write at work. :slight_smile:


Many of You ask me to share my config...
Kondi - full config.ocb (3.78 MB)


what are those tabs on the title bar? internet, programy...?


I think it is object dock plus. Beside the dock it got tabs aswell :slight_smile:


Exactly, it's ObjectDock