Opus can't search for exact phrase, using quotation marks?


Windows XP Pro
Trial Installation
Opus 9.5

I've got a huge collection of documents & articles.
I took to adding little text tags to them (a little line of text, at the end of an article).

For example...

Tag #1: (A document about Photoshop itself)

Tag.Adobe PhotoShop.CS4

Tag #2: (A document about a PhotShop plugin)

Tag.Adobe PhotoShop.CS4.PlugIn.Andromeda.ScatterLight Lenses

So here's the problem....

I want search-results showing me any documents with Tag #1.
So I want to documents about PhotoShop itself.

I don't want to see any articles about Tag #2.
Meaning, I'm not interested in documents about PhotoShop plugins.

Scenario 1:

I search for any file containing the term from Tag #1:

Tag.Adobe PhotoShop.CS4

The results correctly catch documents with Tag #1,
Unfortunately, Opus also picks up unwanted documents which have Tag #2.
As it has the same parent term, these results are understandable.

Scenario 2:

So I wrap a quotation mark around Tag #1, to isolate the desired term:

"Tag.Adobe PhotoShop.CS4"

I thought this would eliminate Tag #2 from the results.
Unforunately, I end up with absolutely no results.
0, to be exact.

My questions...

Is there any way I can search for a term like Tag #1, without having Tag #2 mix with the results?

I know it's possible to exclude search terms.
But this wouldn't work in my situation...as I'd have to exclude hundreds child terms.

Also, why won't the quotation marks work?
This seems to be the most logical solution, but I can't get it to work.

Opus doesn't search the file contents line-by-line; it searches the contents as a whole. (So if it only returned exact matches then it would only find files that had only the tag, and nothing before or after it even on separate lines.)

As long as there's a return (or space or something) after the tag, you should be able to get what you want by switching to the Advanced tab in the Find panel and using a regular expression like the one shown below. That tells Opus to match files containing Tag.Adobe PhotoShop.CS4 so long as they are followed by another character which isn't a dot.

(That'll still go wrong if you have something like "Tag.Adobe PhotoShop.CS40" in a file, though.)