Opus crashes, can´t even shut it down in taskmanager

I can´t say much much, except it happened while having an FTP connection open. Opus whited out, freezed,
i had to log off in order to stop the crashed program, very annoying. Task manager couldn´t kill the process.
Is this new? Is it now running in kernel mode? The task manager is supposed to be able shutting down every
crashed process, as far as i know.

If Task Manager can't kill the process then something has gone wrong inside of a kernel-level component. (i.e. The OS itself, a driver, anti-virus, etc.)

Sounds reasonable. But i hadn´t much changes here recently, except what was installed on last Microsoft patch day. :open_mouth:
By the way, i don´t think i ever saw this effect before regarding Opus. When it crashed, it just crashed, no hanging.

The last update i did with Comodo firewall, which would be potentially suspicious was over a month ago, so i can rule that out.
That´s the only kernel hooking program here, as far i´m aware.

do you happen to be running truecrypt on the drive you are uploading from?

No. It happened a couple of times, when i was browsing thumbnails & had the FTP site open.