Opus crashes in filmstrip view of pdfs

I am no longer able to view Pdf's in the filmstrip mode of Opus I receive an error message that closes Opus. Acrobat 7 Standard and Acrobat Reader 9.4 both are still working properly. I can open Pdf's from Opus, I just cannot view them in the filmstrip mode.

Is it possible that the PdfActiveX plug-in that is a part of Opus has become corrupted? If so, how can I download just that plug-in?

Thank you.

Opus is almost four years and thirty releases (all of them free updates from 9.x) old.

Please update to the current version before asking for help. Chances are the problem was fixed sometime in the last few years...

Okay, I am now up to date on Opus.
Acrobat and Acrobat reader are still functioning.
Still crashes when trying to view Pdf's in filmstrip mode.
New error message: "Exception caught by ActiveX plug-in"

That means your PDF viewer is crashing. Try repairing or reinstalling Adobe Reader.

Does the same file display okay if you double-click it? Which program does it open in?

When I double-click, it will open in either Standard or Reader, depending on which I set as the default. I will re-load the reader and let you know what happens. Thank you for your help.