Opus Crashing

Opus is crashing on me on a very sporadic basis. I can't seem to isolate the cause of the crashes either, because I 'm not doing the same thing every time it crashes. I do have Objectdock 2.0 and Display Fusion (Multiple monitor software) installed, but I uninstalled them to see if they were the culprits but it still crashes occasionally. I am running Win 7 x64 with the latest updates by the way. The only other programs running in the background are my antivirus software NOD32 5.0.95 and Internet Download Manager. I apologize for being somewhat vague, but does anybody have any ideas?

Thank you for your time

Please see the FAQs at Crash dumps for bug reports) and send it via PM we can try to work out where the crash is occurring.

I just sent you the latest crash dump file via pm.

Thanks for sending the dump file. It doesn't reveal anything obvious unfortunately, although something called IDMShellExt64.dll may be implicated, which does seem to be part of Internet Download Manager. Is it possible to try disabling or removing this temporarily to see if it is involved?

I will do that, and will post back here with the results good or bad. I just updated Internet Download Manager to the latest beta today, but will uninstall to try and isolate the problem. Thank you so much for the quick responses. I really appreciate it.

Opus just crashed again and would like to submit my dmp file via pm if that would be OK. I'm curious to know what the cause of the crash is this time.

That's fine, of course!

(Send it to direct to Jon, as before, please. I'd just send it to him if you sent it to me. :slight_smile:)

The new dump file looks similar to the previous one, including that IDM is still installed - were you able to try uninstalling it?

I contacted Internet Download Manager support to let them know of the problems I have been experiencing, and requested they get in contact with you to hopefully resolve this as I don't want to stop using either program.

Have you confirmed that the problem stops happening if you temporarily uninstall IDM?

It's worth doing to make sure we're all looking for the problem in the right place(s).

Yes. I have confirmed this. On another note, I haven't been experiencing the single click on the desktop that would sometimes open an Opus window. I don't know if you've gotten any reports about that happening.

Cool, thanks.

I don't think we've had any reports about that. You're not seeing single-clicks turn into double-clicks anywhere else, presumably? (I've had that start happening sometimes and it turn out to be the button on my mouse failing. :slight_smile: Quite confusing at first when it only happens rarely. But if it only happens/happened in one place then it's likely to be a software thing not hardware, of course.)