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Opus Dark Dock Icons



After looking for something in a dark icon for my custom dark Winstep Extreme Windows desktop, I found that there really weren't any available. So decided to make some to share with peeps.

Black Opus Icons.rar (705 KB)

All files are 256x256 PNG format, perfect for most dock applications including RocketDock, WinStep Nexus, etc. Enjoy! :smiley:



These are bad ass! o)

Makes me wonder wether I should start using some kind of dock-app. o)


Glad you like them. They were interesting to recreate from scratch.

I've used several different dock apps over the years, and arrived at Winstep because I have fewer issues with theirs.

Nexus is their dock software, and its also free. If you get into tweaking your whole desktop environment, check out the rest of their suite at:


Can you create even bigger ones? I assume you pulled the png variants out of some kind of vector graphic you did before?
I image the blue or yellow icon on a dark t-shirt, I always wanted a DOpus shirt! o) Don't know if the gp-soft crew minds us doing logos and putting them on clothes? o)

I looked here, but for some reason there are no shirts with DO logo in stock o):


[quote="tbone"]I looked here, but for some reason there are no shirts with DO logo in stock o):[/quote]

I'm sure you'd look good in a few of them t-shirts tbone :smiley:


You think so? o))

Seriously, if you Overtkill could provide higher resolution or maybe even the vector based files, we (not just me he? o) would be thankful!
I'd also order some more shirts in case other people are in need of new clothes as well! o)

I digged the forum regarding merchandising, but unfortunately there's not much to find. If I overlooked something regarding that, plz let me know.


Those are very nice, Overkill. Thank you for sharing!

I always use a dark taskbar/window theme (as dark as Windows 7 can do). But in Windows 10, it's default is black so these will look very nice on it!



Thanks! Glad you like them. :slight_smile:


Really nice icons!

I was actually wondering if the little rectangle part of the app icon was the metal cover part of an old 3.5 inch floppy... Your high-res images confirm my suspicion :slight_smile: