Opus doesn't always "Replace Explorer for all folders"

Having just left the cosy, familiar environment of Win2K after 11 years and having never tried either XP or Vista, I'm trying to get to grips with both Win7 and Opus 9 at the same time, a massive task for my small brain...

Anyway, I'm running Directory Opus 9 v. on my shiny new PC with Win7HP 32-bit SP1 and find that it doesn't always "Replace explorer for all folders", in that Windows Explorer or a Windows Explorer lookalike insists on opening up within the application instead.
Examples of this behaviour are in Firefox when going to save a file, in Thunderbird when attaching a file to a message, in VLC when going to open a file and in TrueCrypt when going to select a file.

This trick didn't work for me

Is this still the case, even in Opus 9?
Any workaround known?

Opus optionally replaces Explorer, the file manager but does not replace the entire windows shell (e.g. the taskbar, File Open dialogs, icons on the desktop, etc.).

Where anything (e.g. an option in Preferences) says "replace Explorer" it means that when you launch a folder of that type (e.g. double-click a folder icon or shortcut on the desktop) then Opus will/should be the program which opens. But what happens when you tell a program (e.g. Firefox) to create a File Open dialog is not changed.

Thanks for the prompt (but disappointing) response.
I haven't been able to find a specific place in this forum for requests for future improvements, but if one day it could be arranged for Opus optionally to replace replace Windows Explorer also in Open file, Save file, Attach file, etc. situations (but not replace Windows Shell, Taskbar, Desktop icons, etc.), I for one would be more than delighted.

Feature requests should be sent to GPSoftware: gpsoft.com.au/Support.html (but feel free to discuss them here as well).