Opus doesn't remember the chosen position when saving a lister

Hello everyone,
Idk what I do wrong but the program doesn't remeber the right position of lister. I show what I do in the images below. I want a specific folder to open in a preferred position. It works when I click on "lister layout" and then click on one of the saved listers (See image 1) but If I create a shortcut on desktop it doesn't remember the position (See image 2). I want to create a shortcut to a layout on desktop and open it from there. What do I do wrong here?

Is Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Layouts / Open layout relative to the monitor the mouse is currently on turned on for the layout in question?

If you always want it on a particular monitor, select the layout in Preferences, turn that off, and click Apply.

Yes, it's turned off. I also turned it on but still doesn' work

So the layout opens in the right place if you open it via the layouts menu, but not if you open it via the layout shortcut created via Preferences?

Is the shortcut definitely opening the same layout? What happens if you make a change to the layout; does the shortcut reflect that, or open something different?

Yes, via layouts menu it opens as it should open. Now I understood what happens there. It actually open the default lister in every case. When I click on any saved lister on desktop it uses the default lister

It sounds like you’re double-clicking normal folder shortcuts on your desktop, not layout shortcuts.

I'm actually clicking on the saved layout shortcuts on desktop. Let' take the layout "ttttttttt". I create a shortcut on desktop and try to open it on desktop. It is shown on the image below. That's what I do :slight_smile:

You can push Alt + PrintScreen to put a screenshot if the active window into the clipboard, then Ctrl + V to paste it into a message here. No need to take photographs of the screen.

If you right-click one of the shortcuts and choose Properties, what does it say it points to?

That looks correct.

It should do exactly the same thing as opening a layout any other way, unless something on your system is changing how/where windows open in other software.

Where are the windows opening instead? Are the correct windows opening, just not in the desired positions?

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It just depends on the changes to the default layout. It relies on the default layout. I just found a similar thread, where you suggested a solution. I just don't understand what you suggested to do. I have Opus 12. This is an old thread. Maybe therefore

What happens if you right-click the layout file and choose Open from the menu?

Open on the desktop? If I choose "Open with Dopus" on the desktop, it still opens the lister in the default layout.
It would be enough for me if I just could apply a specific layout to a specific folder. So X folder always opens in a specific layout. Is it possible?

You said you had a layout file on the desktop. You right-clicked it earlier and chose Properties. This time, right-click it and choose Open, and see what happens.

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Still the same issue. It opens in default layout

As Leo writes in the old thread I mentioned above:

It looks like Open With had been used to change how .dcf files were opened. It was opening them with dopus.exe when they should be registered to run dopusrt.exe (which is a lightweight program that passes commands to dopus.exe).


Yes, If I choose "Open with Directory Opus Helper Application" it look just fine. The problem is that it opens the layout automatically with dopus.exe. And I actually don't know how to fix it. Anyway, I will try now and see what I can do :grinning:

Do you use Open With to reassign .dcf files to dopus.exe?

It isn't something that would happen by itself. How to fix it will depend on exactly what was done.

I use dopusrt.exe to open the .dcf files and now it opens the folders in the relevant layouts. Leo, I would like to assign the saved lister layout to some specific folders. Can Opus do it?

Just re-save the layout with the folders you want in it.


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