Opus file size doubles actual size

The "calculate file/folder size" function (Ctrl+K) shows folder sizes that are double the folder size reported by Treesize and Windows.

The error applies to all folders in the specific drive which is a local HDD.

The error only occurs on one of the two local drives (C: shows the correct size, D: shows an error).

What can I do to correct the error?

Is this error an indication of a known underlying problem?

Please see the screenshots I have uploaded.

Thank you for your support. Thank you too for an application that continues to amazing me!

Do you have Everything installed? If so, try telling it to rebuild its index. Also, make sure it's configured as per Integration with Everything [Directory Opus Manual] including indexing attributes, for best results.

If not, or if that doesn't help, please show what's inside the problem folder, as that may be a factor.

Settings under Preferences / Folders / Folder Sizes / Junctions and Links may also be a factor.


Thank you for the reply.

  • I have confirmed the settings for Everything as prescribed.
  • I have rebuilt the indexes as suggested.
  • I have checked the / Folder Sizes / Junctions and Links - no options are selected.
    (see Settings screenshots)

    Settings - Everything - General settings
    Settings - Everything - Index settings

The folder contains my music collection of mainly MP3 and Flac files. There are 112'464 files in the folder. (see Sample of folder contents screenshots)

I have the identical folder / file structure saved on a NAS - Opus reports the correct size on the NAS folder. (see Sample of NAS Folder screenshot
NAS Folder - Same folders on NAS - folder size is shown correctly

I have noticed that the folder sizes WITHIN the top level folder are shown correctly - when comparing the Opus folder size to TreeSize. (see Folder Sizes screenshots)

It seems that only the top level folder is showing the incorrect total size.

I have repeated "calculate folder size" within the second level folder - (d:\Music - Main\ ) -
the size recalculation dialogue box appears, and folder sizes recalculated.
Folder Recalc Dialogue

I have also repeated the "calculate folder size" within the top level folder - (d:) - and the size updated again - but remained incorrect.

Thanks for your suggestions and input.


Try turning off Preferences / Folders / Folder Sizes / Use Everything to calculate folder sizes where possible and see if the size calculates correctly, that will at least show if Everything is involved or not.

Hi Jon
Thank you for your suggestion which I have followed!

SUCCESS! When I calculate the folder size, the size is correctly reported.

Thank you for your generous assistance with this matter!

I appreciate your support.


Which setting fixed things?

If you had to turn off use of Everything to fix things, that might mean there's still an issue in how Everything is configured or something related.