Opus for Android?

I've used Directory Opus for many years both at work and at home. I bought my first tablet recently (mid April 2014) and would love to have the facilities and versatility of Directory Opus on my Android tablet. Is there any likelihood of a version of Directory Opus being released for the Android Operating System? I'm currently having to make do with significantly inferior file managers. Think of the market for Directory Opus for Android!

We have no plans for an Android version.

Solid Explorer is very good, if you're looking for Android alternatives.

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That's a pity, I would have loved an Android version too.

Especially if it could do some fancy sync functions and browse the device over wifi without much fuss. Ah well.

Solid Explorer lets you do that via FTP. There are also SFTP options out there.

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There is a thread called "Use your android smartphone/tablet with Directory Opus" here: Use your android smartphone/tablet with Directory Opus

Oh sure, it can be done. That isn't the point tho, now is it.

Hence why I say its a pity there won't be an Android Directory Opus. It would have been nice.

This was 2 years ago. Curious to know, are there any plans now?

Sure, there is a 4.5 rated free Total Commander for Android, but of course I prefer Opus.


Sorry, not gonna happen :slight_smile:

So now most of the old good file explorers are either discontinued or riddled with obtrusive ads and pop-ups.

Also, the new Samsung Dex could do with a professional file Explorer.

Isn't this a good opportunity to make Directory Opus for Android? Perhaps even Magellan.

I'm using a Solid Explorer (on Leo's recommendation) and it really is closest to Directory Opus on mobile. It not only has everything, but also it is very polished and slick. Especially once you get to use it more and see all the nuances. I don't remember if the free version has any obtrusive ads since I've upgraded to paid version long time ago.