Opus freezes and takes forever to load

When I first purchased opus a couple of years ago now, it opened right away and when doing a "find" task, it would not have any problems. Now since the upgrade, opus takes forever to load and when I try to do a find file task it freezes. Please advise.

Are you using the latest version?

Assuming you are, the Crash, exit or high CPU usage when viewing certain directories guide is a good place to start.

I did a check for updates and it said I was using the latest version. The version stated says 10.0

I'm not sure where to start with that link. I don't have high cpu usage when this occurs. It occurs all the time.

If you click on File Collections in the folder tree, or type coll:// into the location field, how many file collections do you have listed?
If you have a lot, or if the ones you have have a lot of members, they may be causing the slowdown when Opus loads. If you don't actually use them (e.g. they're left over from previous searches) you could try just deleting them and see if it makes any difference.

10.0 is very old. You should be on if you are up to date (or if you are using the latest beta).

Ok. I'll try that again, but I did a check for updates and it said I was up to date with the latest. So something is obviously not working properly in my program.

Ok. I did it again and it DOES say I'm using 10.5. Where I got that 10.0 was when I clicked on License to get my Registration code so I could sign up for this forum and it says 10.0 on there. Sorry. My mistake. I am running 10.5

I'll try that Jon. Thank you. Have to run out briefly now, but will do that check on file collections when I return in an hour or so.

ok. Was able to do that quickly before leaving. Shows 5 file collections.. Two of those are found Duplicate Files and the others are show results from searches.. Clicked on the first Duplicate files folder and took forever to load.

in fact, the program froze up and had to close the program.

From the coll:// folder, select all the collections and delete them. That may fix things.

(Only select and delete the collections themselves. Don't go into any of the collections and select or delete their contents, as that will delete the actual files they point to.)