Opus instability

Is the next release going to address the random crashing that is occurring while drag and dropping from zip archives and general navigating within local folders. I'm sorry for being so vague, but the crashes are pretty random, so I can't isolate the problem to just one or two things. I've never had this problem until 10.0.2, so I upgraded the to the latest beta and still had the same problem.

Windows 7 x64 with latest updates and no bluetooth software installed

I've actually had this random crashing/closing of all listers since the very first v10. It's gotten better (I think) or I just haven't been using it in the same way. As best as I can tell, for me, it happens when I have a lot of tabs open (maybe 6 or more). All in detail view and doing a lot of drag-n-dropping from 1 tab to the others. Sometimes a few tabs are in thumbnail view.

I can't reproduce it on command so I just never bring it up. Sometimes it crashes/closes while in a drag-n-drop. Sometimes doing nothing. The list of files has been sitting there for minutes, nothing new added/removed.

I don't know. I'm just putting in my vote that it is happening to me as well and it's random. I know that doesn't help GPSoft out much :slight_smile:

Windows 7, x64, 8GB ram, SSD but working on files from USB encrypted HDDs mounted in Truecrypt when this seems to happen (that I can remember).

We don't have widespread reports of any crashes like that. These are the only ones I can think of recently, other than the Atheros Bluetooth crashes which no longer happen in after we blacklisted their DLL.

So the problems you're both are almost certainly caused (or at least triggered) by 3rd party software that is integrating with Opus on your systems. It's usually shell extensions or video codecs, and programs install those without you realising. (If you look with ShellExView (mentioned in the FAQs below) you'll find hundreds of shell extensions on a typical system, and bugs in them can cause crashes. Most of them are fine and useful, but it only takes one bad one to make things unstable.) It's also possible there's a bug in Opus, triggered by something unusual about a file in one of your directories, but that is rare; either way, the steps to narrow down which file is causing the problem are largely similar.

Go to the FAQ list and scroll down to the Other Troubleshooting section and look at these guides:

[ul][li]Crash, exit or high CPU usage when viewing certain directories (since you mentioned it crashes when navigating local folders)
[li]Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files (if applicable)
[li]Crash dumps for bug reports (if you have some of them it may let us detect which DLL the crash is happening it, which is often a bit hint as to where the problem is)
[li]General slowdown or instability investigation steps[/li][/ul]