Opus locks up Reading Note 8 SD Card via USB Cable

Using Opus 12.18 and every version prior, Opus locks up and has to be killed via task manager when reading a phone DCIM directory via USB. Windows File Explorer does not have this issue when used in the same manner.

Is this a known issue?

It's probably the USB device (or, less likely, antivirus when intercepting reads/writes to the device) not working properly unless things are done exactly the same way Explorer does. Opus just opens files and reads from them using a high level API, so it the read is freezing forever then it's a problem with the device, rather than Opus.

Changing Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Filesystem]: copy_buffer_size to 64 KB might make things more like Explorer, as a test. (It won't usually affect existing transfers, but should take effect the next time you start a copy.) Note that setting this too low can also slow down copies to fast drives that don't have problems.

If Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Filesystem]: copy_nonbufferio_threshold is not already set to 0 (zero), try that as well.

We also have plans to make Opus copy things more like the way Explorer does, when it's possible (Explorer's API doesn't support things like copying into archives, so it's not always something we can use) to improve compatibility with devices that just don't work properly with anything else and were only tested with Explorer.

I tried the 2nd option and no difference locks immediately once you select the files to copy. Will stick with Explorer for these copies.

Are you using MTP or USB mass storage? (If it is MTP, it should say at the start of the address bar, if you click on it to edit the path.)

For MTP, we have several suggestions here:

Yes it is using MTP. I changed it to false and much more responsive and usable now. Still takes forever to sort a directory by date but so does Explorer. Maybe FTP will solve this.

FTP works good and will use this going forward. Already use Filezilla so can save the Site on my phone with the start directory, etc.