Opus Mouse Back Button Feature Request…

I’m using Opus 10 for my Windows 8 Start Menu system & have noticed that my mouse Back Button only backs up one level in Opus. This is a problem when using Opus for multi-level menus such as most of my Start Menus items. The mouse back button will back up any number of levels in other programs such as web browsers where various levels are encountered.

I’m requesting a multi-level Back (and Forward) mouse button option.


I'm not using windows 8, or DOpus as my start menu. However when I use DOpus I can go back and forward many levels using the relative mouse buttons.
I use this feature a lot - as going back gives a different experience to going up - and have not as yet seen any issue where dopus didn't allow me to do so.

I would check if running DOpus in win 8 as a desktop app works as expected, and also check if the blue back and forward buttons in DOpus work as expected.
Sorry if I misunderstood your problem.

Not sure what you mean by that. You're opening a folder of shortcuts in Opus and using that instead of the start screen?

Are you confusing Back with Parent?

The Back button should go back as many folders as there are in the current window's history. By default, it does not go up to the parent folder (unless the parent folder happens to be the previous one in the history, which is often the case). So if you open a new window, Back won't do anything at all. After you've changed folders, Back will take you back to the previous folder (then do nothing). If you change folders twice, you can click Back twice. And so on. Just like it behaves in a web browser.

You can redefine what the Back button does via Settings -> Customize Keys. The existing definition should be under "Browser Back" and probably runs "Go BACK". You might want to change it to "Go UP BACK".

THANKS so much, Leo. The Settings -> Customize Keys suggestion helped a whole lot. I now have a real back button. It must have gotten changed in my many wanderings around in Opus. I did an Opus Restore on the original default Opus (I did a full backup just after the original install just in case) and the back button did work OK in the default Opus.

It does however do one weird thing, that is, it will go back way beyond where I started... all the way to the Desktop. What's with that? Never seen a web browser act like that before.

Also, the Forward button does nothing. It is working as I can change it to something else such as going to the Start menu and it works. When set to the default of forward it acts dead. Any ideas?


Hi Wowbagger;

I am currently running Opus in Win 7 but it runs very well in Win 8 CP.



As far as using Opus for my Win 8 Start Menu here is a screenshot of it in action...

You probably want it to run "Go BACK" and not "GO UP BACK" as I suggested.

(And to create a similar forward hotkey which runs "Go FORWARD".)

I misunderstood what the problem was before, by the sound of what you describe now (which is what I thought you wanted :slight_smile:).

The Go Back & Go Forward is what I started out with which had the original problem.

I do notice that when Go Back is selected, Go Forward does work (but for only the one level). When Go Up is selected, Go Forward acts dead.

There is something not right about these commands.


You can't go Forward after going Up, because you're already in the most recently accessed folder (there isn't a more recent one to go Forward to).

Same as you cannot go Forward in a web browser if you've just navigated to a new page.

You can only go Forward if you just went Back.

Forward is like "undo" after pushing the Back button.

You may also have the Recent List or Lister History set to a really small number of folders, which would make things confusing:

Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Recent List

They both default to 10. If they are set to 1 or 0, or turned off completely, then that would explain it.

Leo; You are going to get a BIG head with all my compliments today BUT... YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

THAT WORKED. They were both set to 1. Changing them to 10 allowed Go Forward to work as expected and Go Back to also work correctly.

Simply beautiful.

Thanks again;

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.