Opus not responding while editing a Javascript button

I recently started building a new profile from scratch based on 12.24.2. It is still very close to the installation default configuration but whilst editing and testing a simple Javascript button I experienced hangs that eventually required a Windows reboot to fully address. Restarting Opus was not sufficient. The script itself runs fine. The non responsiveness seems to be triggered while I am editing the button in customise mode but I am not sure if there is a direct correlation.

Process snapshot dumps have been sent to crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au.

It's ultimately because something created a very long and deep path that was about 12,000 characters and almost 550 folders deep, below your temp folder. That path is being passed to a Windows API which is recursive on path components and is running out of stack/memory or hitting a similar limit.

We'll add some length checks before calling that API but, from testing, the exact limit is hard to work out as it's not length by itself but length and depth combined in some way.

Paths that extreme could crash a lot of things, since there are limits on how much stack space each thread has and how recursive a function can get. If it wasn't that API, it could be another, or another piece of software if it looked at the same folder. So it's best to avoid creating the situation itself, if you can.

In case it helps work out what caused it, the path is like this:


Where the last two components loop over and over. I'm guessing it's triggered via a script of some kind that's creating temp dirs or extracting archives.

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Thanks for that @Leo. Now I know where to look and yes, the script I was testing will no doubt be the culprit.