Opus not showing files in folders

Directory Opus was working well. Then started not displaying files or folders in the C:\download directory.
All show as expected in windows explorer
uninstalled and reinstalled DO.
Same result.
Please help

Does the status bar indicate items are being hidden? ("Hidden" and a number should appear in red.)

Could your antivirus be blocking Opus from listing that directory?

No it seems to display some but not all directories and files. The particular one is C:\downloads. It does not display correct files or folders but some strange set.
Windows explorer displays correctly.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled DO. Same result.
I tried to get license via email got one and installed it. Same result
Tried to get license via email again -- no email
License ID (12 digit) that I have is not taken
Just purchased USB option, I did not get code before leaving page. It does not appear to be installed and cannot get code. Account info shows it is there but don't know how to use it. This was purchased earlier today.

What to do???

Please show a screenshot of what File Explorer and Opus show for the folder. (Whole windows, please, not cropped, so we can see the exact path they're in and what the status bars show, which might be important.)

Any purchases should be emailed to you, and can also be obtained via the main website. Check your spam folder if they haven't arrived after half an hour or so.