Opus opens the directory on the existing tab


I locked the browser's download directory on the tab. After I downloaded the file with the browser, clicking on the file Opus will open the browser download directory directly. But sometimes, Opus will open the tab I locked, and sometimes Opus will create a new tab. What is going on?

Can Opus open my locked tab every time, no matter which pane the tab is in, no matter which pane is the current state?


It depends on the API the browser is calling to open the folder, and also sometimes on what Windows decides to do when the API is called.

Windows is strict about matching folder paths. Downloads is a folder that can be accessed in a couple of different ways, as a virtual folder (below your username in the folder tree) and as a real directory path (C:\Users\Username\Downloads, usually). Windows doesn't consider the two to be the same path, which could be what is happening.

If you think it's something else, please give exact steps on how to reproduce what you're seeing.

I don't know how Windows works, but I don't think it has much to do with Windows. It should be controlled by Opus.
I already have a Torrent tab. Sometimes other applications such as browsers call Opus, Opus creates a Torrent tab again, but sometimes it opens in the same tab. I just want Opus to open only the existing Torrent tab. Is there an option in Preferences?

If Windows thinks the existing folder isn't the same path (usually due to it being via a different branch in the tree) and asks us to open a new tab, either we have to do that or things go wrong, such as a long delay before the other program starts responding again. So it is not just up to us. We have to cooperate with the operating system.

But I don't know if that is what's happening or not in this case.

Please give detailed steps on exactly how to reproduce what you are seeing.

Your explanation again makes me fully understand that Windows has a lot of control in Opus, and many operations depend not only on Opus.

The details I see is that the browser calls Opus and creates a new tab, even though the same tab already exists.

Tab is a very convenient and fast function of opus. I have established tabs for commonly used directories. If other applications are always creating new tabs, the tabs I created before are unnecessary, and the space in the tab bar is very small, and the tab bar is very unordered.