Opus/SageThumbs locks the Thumbs.db file


I'm using Directory Opus 12.7 on Windows 10.

I have several folders with images in them that I have to organize. In order to do that I want to go into each folder, check the contents with thumbnail view, then exit the folder and move it to a different location (which is open in Opus's other pane).

However, when I try to move the folder I get a UAC prompt. I click the Yes button to give Opus permission but then I get this error: "An error occurred moving [...] Access is denied."

I tried to see what files were locked and by what program and it turns out that Opus itself is locking a hidden Thumbs.db file inside the folder.

If I abandon the task and come back some time later and not try to view the thumbnails again then I can move the folder. Also, if I never try to view the thumbnails it works fine.

These folders were copied to my computer by a person on the same network. I don't know if that's relevant but I thought I should mention it.

Is there some setting I can change or is this a bug?

Does the same happen in File Explorer?

Opus does not actually open thumbs.db directly. Windows might open it when Opus asks for thumbnails to be generated by the shell, but if it leaves it open then it's not Opus itself doing it. If the same thing happens in Explorer after viewing thumbnails there then that might help see which direction to look in.

To answer your question, no, the issue didn't happen in Explorer.

But I think I've identified the problem and it wasn't the fault of Directory Opus.

I remembered I had installed SageThumbs some time ago to get thumbnails for AI and EPS files. I uninstalled it and there were no more problems moving the folders.

Thank you for your answer and sorry for the bother.

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