Opus sometimes crashes on "Exit Directory Opus"

Running 11.13 and haven't been able to repeat this issue consistently.

Estimate it occurs < 50% of the times I Exit (and choose to not leave Opus running in the background).

Not sure if there is an Explorer extension or something else that could be interfering?

When Opus is running, it also seems like the RMB context menu in Windows Explorer leads to crashes which do not happen otherwise.

Just trying to pinpoint the root cause of the instability. Are there some logs that would be helpful to trace this?


It may be a shell extension causing both problems, going wrong differently in each program.

This guide has suggestions on how to track it down using ShellExView, most of which apply to both Opus and Explorer. (You may need to logout or reboot after making ShellExView changes in order for Explorer to pick up the changes. With Opus, fully exiting it and restarting it is enough.)

Thank you for the reference to the detailed post! I took the Quick Fix route to hide RMB context options for now...

I did find a dopus.dmp from 6/18. Please let me know if that would be helpful, and where to send.

Please email them to leo@gpsoft.com.au and I'll see if they reveal anything. Thanks!