Opus stops running after installing ATI software

At least, I blame the ATI software, since it worked until then.

I'll just give a rundown of the current situation and see if anyone knows what would cause this:
Was runnning on an nvidia card previously. Before switching cards I uninstalled the nvidia software and uninstalled the device from device manager, then shut the system off and spent a bunch of time switching the computer to a new case and adding the new Radeon 9800 XT graphics card and all that fun stuff.
After booting up the first time at 640x480 or something terrible like that opus still starts up fine. I go get the ATI software, install it, and reboot.
Now Opus won't start. no systray icon, no listers, nothing. it shows the systray icon for a half second then it goes away again and the process is gone.

I tried killing off the ATI processes, didn't help. But while the ATI processes were killed I uninstalled and reinstalled opus. It worked then, but only until I rebooted, now it's not working again.

I really miss my opus, having to use explorer for things is terrible. =(

Have a look at this thread:

resource.dopus.com/modules/newbb ... SC&start=0

There's no definite answer but different things seemed to solve the problem for different people. Some programs seem to break some of the COM components that Opus uses for some reason (assuming it isn't just an expired Opus evaluation certificate).

That thread is exactly my problem. I'll read into it, thanks for the pointer.
EDIT: The COM+ System Application wasn't started and was set to manual. Starting that up and now dopus loads itself no problem. I wonder why the COM+ fails to start, I didn't get any error when starting it manually. Oh well, I know the problem and it seems to be fixed now. Hopefully it's still working on reboot. Thanks :slight_smile:

Glad it's working again!

Maybe there will be something in your Windows event log that says why the COM+ service failed to start, although if it was set to manual that usually means something else (either a user or another program) set it to manual startup.

Edgeman, the COM+ System Application is not running on my box at all (also set to manual) but one of it's dependencies (Remote Procedure Call (RPC)) is indeed running and set to Automatic. After you reboot, if you still see the problem I'd check to see if RPC is started or not before you launch the COM+ service. I have no idea if Dopus has any sort of dependency on the RPC service, but it's running fine on my system without COM+ running so...

At least on my machine it's the other way around: RPC depends on COM+, not vice versa. (It's easy to mix it up from the wording of the control panel dialog, though.)

There was no errors in event log for the COM+ or RPC not starting up.
On my system the properties for RPC say it depends on nothing and a thousand things depend on it, including COM+
And on the COM+ System Application page it says it depends on RPC and nothing depends on it.

I'm not sure why the ATI software caused COM+ to change to manual, but I was always under the impression that manual meant that it would start on it's own if needed, and automatic was the setting for services to start on boot?

While my COM+ Events service is running my COM+ Application service isn't running at home (it was at work, though).

I don't think Opus by itself requires the service but perhaps if you've got some kind of shell extension or other thing that Opus hooks into (viewers? different versions of MSN Messenger?) that means Opus can't start properly unless the service is started? Bit strange, though.

Maybe just starting the COM+ Application service triggers something in the registry to get fixed and things will now work for you if you set it back to manual?