Opus "symbol" width on ungrouped taskbar is not updating

I use Win 11 with ungrouped symbols on the taskbar.
So in the taskbar you see the opus symbol and the name of the current active folder.

If I switch to a folder with smaller name the display updates and the width is decreased:

But if I switch now to a folder with longer name it keeps the small width and does not update the width accordingly (should be Downloads again) as long as I do not start another program which is pinned to the taskbar (seems that the width is updated if another symbol on the taskbar changes its size):

Is this the fault of Windows or should Opus tell the taskbar to update the width?
Perhaps it would be a nice feature to define a fix width so that the taskbar symbols are not jumping around due to different folder name length.

hmm. seems to be a Windows bug? I have the same issue e.g. for the browser. If I change to a tab with small title the browser "symbol" width is decreased. When I switch to a tab with longer title it does not increase again as long as another symbol on the taskbar does not change its size.

Does other users have the same behaviour?

Assuming the window itself has the full name in its title at the top, it's not something we are doing.

How the taskbar renders is up to the taskbar. Who knows why Microsoft keep throwing away working taskbar code and re-writing it from scratch with more bugs and less functionality, but they're truly outdone themselves with it Windows 11.

(OTOH, if the window title is also truncated, it could come down to configuration or a script add-in changing the title.)

ok. The window title itself is correct.

Is it theoretically possible to define a specific width of the "symbol" in the taskbar or is this fully managed by the taskbar?

AFAIK it's completely down to the taskbar and there isn't an API to change that, that I've ever seen at least.

Knowing Microsoft, they will have spent all of 5 seconds testing non-default settings like non-grouped mode on the Win11 taskbar. Similar to how the Start Menu in Windows 10 doesn't function properly if you turn off the "send mouse wheel to window under mouse" setting they added and made default in Win10. They add options you can't use because they break things, weren't tested, and never get fixed.

ok, thank you.
I reported it via Feedback Hub to MS. Perhaps it helps, perhaps nobody cares.

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