Opus tree reuse tab

Is it possible to make Opus reuse tab if I click the path in a tree that is already opened in another tab? Tree could then be used for switching tabs. This would be especially handy with option that highlights paths of all tabs.

Also option to auto-collapse all unselected tree paths except those opened in other tabs (this would work in conjunction with option to show paths of other tabs).

Preferences / Folder Tree / Selection Events / Switch to existing tab if already open was added in one of the recent betas, I think.

Great, thank you! I currently don't use any beta so that's why I missed it.

Downloaded latest beta, option is indeed there and works as expected. :thumbsup:

But what about suggestion in my second post?

There is option to auto-collapse non-selected tree paths but paths opened in other tabs get collapsed too (they do expand when tabs are refocused but that's irrelevant here). Currently I cannot correctly switch tabs via tree when their path is nested in subfolder.

If suggestion from my previous post is not feasible, what about additional buttons for tree (next to find and lock) or tree menu for: collapse all, collapse unselected and collapse unselected (except those opened in tabs) so that we can better manually control the tree?

If that is too much, perhaps at least these could be parameters of Go command?

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add something like this in the next update.