OpusOS - Windows Interface Replaced by Opus

My laptop monitor needs every screen pixel for my main activities. Thus I freed up screen pixels.

I've got rid of the Windows Taskbar completly by using ahk, when I really need it, I pop it up with LWin key to see Windows menu or Ctrl-Win to just see the taskbar temporarly -- simmilar to window's Hidden Taskbar without the hassle of your mouse cursor entering the zone where Windows shows the taskbar.

Now added a Win button in the right Opus emulated taskbar just for those pesky moments when keyboard is completly frozen and I need to mouse it out :))

Also, since pixels are important, there's an ahk script I can use to remove all windowses title bar (which are futile unless you want to move them around using the mouse, though win-arrow combos are faster).

Must do, no clue how: show the date and clock inside Opus menues, I miss seeing the clock, alway have to Win-Key in order to see that ugly Windows Taskbar :)))

Next project -- get rid of the desktop completly, force Opus to replace desktop.

Then we can say hello to OpusOS