.ORF RAW images now showing only 160 pixels wide

Hi, since updating to DO 12.22 some of my .ORF thumbnails are now only 160 pixels wide though most continue to show at my chosen setting (usally 297 pixels). Furthermore, when I view those ORF files in the standalone viewer they show a 160-pixel-wide image. I know the 3200x2400 embedded jpg is still in the ORF but the thumbnails and the standalone are only accessing the smallest embedded previews.

These ORF files still work fine in my chosen RAW editor BTW.

EDIT: forgot to add that as far as I can tell the affected ORF files are one that at some point had their metadata changed by EXIF PILOT, adding GPS data. But in previous DO versions the larger jpeg previews were always accessed for both thumbnails and standalone viewing.

Can you make a couple of example files available somewhere? (Or via Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTransfer or similar.)


2020-09-29 14;03;18.zip (28.8 MB)

Many thanks!

Looks like a LibRaw issue/regression compared to the older DCRaw code.

You can switch that file format from LibRaw back to the old DCRaw code via Preferences / Viewer / Plugins, then Raw Digital Camera and Configure:

Remove .orf from the first list of extensions, then add it to the second list (so it's like in the screenshot) and click OK.

I'll take a look in more detail when I get a chance, and may submit a report (or fix if I can work it out myself) to LibRaw so it works better by default, assuming there isn't a fix there already which we haven't merged yet.

(Looking at the same image using Microsoft's Raw viewer, which is also using LibRaw, it doesn't decode properly at all for them either.)

Ok, that seems to have worked in the two folders I've checked out so I'm confident that's good for now. Thanks so much!

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I found time yesterday to look at this in more detail and confirm the issue was in LibRaw and not a mistake I'd made in building/using the library, which was important before submitting a bug report to the LibRaw team.

For Opus 12.23 we have temporarily switched the .ORF in the raw plugin back to the old DCRaw code to work around this issue. (Essentially, the same config change you did manually, but for everyone else.)

But LibRaw has also just been updated to fix the problem as well. (From the sound of it, something changed in newer Olympus firmware. They found and fixed the problem with impressive speed, in less than a day.) This also fixes the purple tint images from the same camera got when a full decode (as opposed to quick thumbnail extraction) was done via LibRaw.

We'll have that LibRaw fix included in the next Opus update, and move .ORF back to being handled by LibRaw at the same time.

If you have installed Opus 12.23 (released today), I recommend opening the raw plugin configuration again and then clicking OK without making any changes. That will re-save the config so that .ORF will move back to LibRaw when the next update comes out, while keeping it with DCRaw in the current version.

(The raw plugin stores the extension lists as changes vs the current defaults, so it would see your settings match the new 12.23 defaults and re-save the config as "no extension changes". That way when the defaults change again in 12.23.1, you'll pick up the same change without having to remember to do anything.)

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thanks, Leo.