Oulook .PST Directory message viewing

Greetings from Hamburg Germany
I have been struggling to do the following:

  1. How can I view my teh content of my .pst outlook folders in Opus?
  2. How can I move the messages of my .pst outlook folders in other directories usging Opus?
    Would be most appreciative if someone could help me! I am stuck!
    Bruno Pierre Gebarski

The only program I know of which understands the PST format is Outlook. To make Opus show the files as folders (like when you enter a Zip file) would require someone to write a Virtual Filesystem plugin for Opus, which in turn would require an API or documentation for the PST format. (Maybe Outlook provides such an API? Not sure as I haven't investigated PST files very much.)

What's the advantage of using Opus instead of Outlook on the PST files?

Other directories within the PST? (That can only be done using Outlook.) Or do you want to move/copy messages out of the PST into normal directories on your harddrive? (That should be possible by drag & drop, or File->Save As, from Outlook to Opus or Explorer.)

Was there a 2.?

why is not it possible to copy by dragging and dropping Emails filed within Outlook .pst folders directly into Opus?

Well, If you try that in Windows Explorer they become .msg files, which to my knowledge are pretty much useless outside of Outlook or Exchange.

You fellows are great thank you!
One thing I wanted actually to achieve is to keep my email (from Outlook) correspondance within my Opus folders with all my words and excel attachments! all together! Any possibility of "filing them" within my directories even if I cannot see them in Opus without having to "save as" each mail as an html format? Kind Regards

Bruno Pierre Gebarski

Drag & drop from Outlook into Opus should work. I've used it in the past but don't have Outlook at home to try it now.

Things may get confused by Opus doing a Copy or Move instead of the other operation but if it's just that you can force drag & drops to do one or the other... Before we get to that, what error do you get when you try to drag messages from Outlook to Opus?

By the way, dragging will just produce a .msg file like Ken says. This file will have the attachment embedded inside of it. If you want your attachments and messages to be saved separately the best way to do that would be to write some VBScript that runs in Outlook. Not sure how easy that is, though. (Perhaps there are already email-export tools for Outlook? Or you could export to another mail format and run a tool on that.)

It's ugly* but effective: ABC Amber Outlook Converter - it may do what you want.

  • ... and it's got a stupid name.

well thank you ! actually when I drag and want to drop NOTHING happens at all! Here is a screeshot of what I actually see: thank you for your help!
Bruno Pierre Gebarski

Bruno I drag and drop messages (and pretty much anything else in Outlook) between Opus and Outlook all the time.

For actual Outlook message viewing I only use Outlook, however I seem to recall the Yahoo desktop search utility would do it too. Don't quote me on that though because it's been a long time since I tried it.

Yahoo! Desktop Search has the OutsideIn viewer technology from Stellent, Inc. Plus I think they've recently added some of their own viewers. Opus can use the YDS viewers to display a plethora of files in its Viewer Pane. Read this thread on how to get set up with these drivers.

Under the Program Files folder for YDS look for a subfolder named "Filters". This is the only folder that Opus really needs to be able to utilize all the viewers provided by YDS.

I currently do not have Outlook installed on my PC with Opus 8 installed (mid-Workstation migration here). However, I just dragged and dropped an email message from Outlook Express to Opus without issue. Outlook express messages become .eml files. The Opus Multiviewer Plug-in--using the viewer .dlls provided by YDS--displays the message just fine in the Viewer Pane.

Well thank you and still see my snapshot since I am still not able to drag and drop emails from Outlook ? why? I do not know here is again the picture of what I see: Thank you for additional support: may be I do not have the right adjustment for drag & drop! I have been trying now for more than 2 months and I am still not able to figure out how to drag and drop from Outlook! (not outlook express)
Kind Regards Bruno

That is the way it should look Bruno, the little + symbol I see in your Opus lister is an indicator you can drop the message there once you release the left mouse button. I wonder if you have a filter turned on in Opus which hides the files you drag and drop? You can find out by dragging and dropping an Outlook message to Opus, then do the exact same thing with the same message again. If you try to drag and drop the same message to the same place and it exists, then Opus will prompt you about overwriting that message.

Outlook messages end with the .msg extension.

Ken thanks for verifying what I was thinking about YDS.

Well I have used "drag and drop" several time in a row for the same E-Mail message and nothing is being dropped in OPUS! I do not know why! May be you could help me please I do not have a clue WHY on earth it is not working with me! Need help! I Have been fighting this now sionce I had OPUS and CANNOT find out WHY on earth I cannot drag and drop E-Mail messages from Outlook into Opus!! Please Advise
Kind Regards: Bruno Pierre Gebarski

Can you drag and drop from Outlook to the Windows Explorer? If you cannot, then it will not be an Opus issue. If you can, then off the top of my head I'm not sure what the problem might be.

The only other thing I can think of would be if you have a permissions issue in the folders you are trying to drag and drop to. Have you tried using other drives? Can you drag and drop successfully from other programs?

THank you for keeping up with me!
Yes I just dragged and dropped my last 4 messages from Outlook into explorer! and I do not have a problem! why on earth with OPUS? See the screenshop verifying the "successfull" drag and drop: Please advise
Bruno Pierre Gebarski

I just tried this, I ran Outlook 2003 and dragged several emails to an Opus Window - worked fine. I realise this doesn't solve your problem but it does show that Opus handles the drop from Outlook fine.

Perhaps it's your old version of Outlook causing trouble.

Well I have OUTLOOK 2000 SR-1 within Windows 1998 SE and the drag and drop command did work perfectly ok within Window - from outlook to explorer - no sweat worked perfectly! why not within OPUS? I do not get it! Well may be "we" will find out! please keep on advising!
Kind Regards Bruno Pierre Gebarski

If you put Opus into Customize mode (Settings->Customize) are you then able to drag something from the Commands tab on to your toolbars?

If that's broken as well then see here for a possible fix. It's possible Outlook also relies on IStream for drag & drops.

NO problem at all with drag and drop within toolbars!! I have done it many times without any problems or difficulties! still do not understand where the problem could be! May be we will finde out! Kind Regards from Germany: Bruno Pierre Gebarski

Okay, was worth a try.

Maybe Outlook 2000 or Win98 do drag & drop differently to newer versions. I've only got Outlook 2002 SP3 to hand on a WinXP machine where it works fine and creates a a .msg file.

Does anyone else reading this topic have Outlook 2000 and/or Win98 to try with?