Overlay for fine tuning headers

Some time ago I accidentally found an app or overlay (for lack of the correct word) which someone had developed that allowed an infinite amount of fine tuning headers and other features available in Opus. It was developed by someone in this forum and available via Directory Opus.
Several versions on I have lost not only the app but also the name! Searching with this amount of information has not proved helpful. Sorry - a very vague question but does it ring a bell with anyone.
If it's staring me in the face - apologies for not finding it!!

That could be several different scripts.

To narrow it down, what kind of columns did it provide?

For example: EXIF metadata? Columns built from regular expressions?

Thanks for the response.
I'm afraid all I can remember is that it allowed all the Preferences to be adjusted in a graphical way. Different icons, combinations, etc. Basically to rebuild the Home screen while not interfering in any way with the excellent functions.
Sorry - very vague I know and due mainly on the fact that I can use the software but not fine tune it. Whatever it is I am talking about allowed an inexperienced user to do so.
It was something I downloaded so I must still have it somewhere. Perhaps if you can provide the extension the file is likely to have would help me find it on my system.
Hope that helps (both of us) but please don't spend too much time on such a vague question!

I don't know which one it is, sorry.

Hi Leo - I appreciate the attempt at identification.