Padlock icon

Anyone know what the padlock icon in the lister status bar does? I can't find it mentioned in the help file, and it doesn't seem to lock anything like source/dest, directory, mode etc.

It's described in the FAQ on Folder Formats. Check out section 4: "The Lock Button":

[Folder Formats: Quick Guide)

It's mentioned in a few places in the Opus manual but usually in passing, rather than with a section devoted to it. If you search for "lock button" and "packlock" you'll find a few mentions of it which suppliment what's in the FAQ. (e.g. How to createa a toolbar button which does the same thing, if you want to remove it from your statusbar.)

Thanks, that's cleared it up.

On the Amiga version you could lock a lister as source or destination. I can't see a way of doing that in Opus 8...

I don't think you can lock a lister as the Source or Destination. You can, however, lock a lister in the Off state (Set STATE=LockOff) so that it won't become a Source or Destination, even if clicked on, until explicitly set as one via another command (Set STATE=Source or Set STATE=Dest).