Paired Folders - Regular Expressions

I'm quite confused on this.
From the release notes:
Pairs built using regular expressions allow you to find and replace parts of one path to make the other. For example, if you have various "Production" and "Staging" folder hierarchies in different places, you can set up a single rule that lets you display *\Staging\* on one side if *\Production\* is on the other.

I tried to make a paired folder Using two new Folders named Test1 and Test2.
Under Test1 I made a subfolder named HelloA and under Test2 I made a subfolder named HelloB.

1: The release notes indicate Regular Expressions, but the documentation uses Wildcards.

2: Selecting the Match / Replace Option greys out the explicit path Primary Folder / Paired Folder option.

3: Is it possible to solve this simple paired folders problem ?
I have so far been unable to navigate my simple test structure using paired folders.

Do I misunderstand ?

  1. Yes fair point, although the release notes are really just a description of the feature rather than documentation on how to use it, which hasn't been written yet.

  2. When you use regex mode you're not specifying a particular folder, which is why the folder fields are grayed out. You're specifying a pattern which will be tested against every folder you enter to see if it matches. If it matches, the replace expression produces a new string which becomes the pair.

  3. As the "example" in the release notes suggests, regex mode is useful when you have folder trees that are all the same except for one or more components. Then you could use regex to test for the common elements, and replace the bit that needs to change. Your example has no components in common, so I wouldn't say regex is really suited to that.

Thanks very much Jon !
Concise and to the point as always.

Paired Folder sometimes doesn't work properly, I think it's necessary for you to carefully check it.

Please give examples where it doesn’t work for you.

It seems to be my operational issue