Panel Config KO

Hello all,

I have just installed the new version of directory Opus. The internet explorer replacement work in the perfection but I have a little problem : the panel config in the start menu don't start.

I configured in the "preferences menu" the specials folder but nothing ...

Thx for your help

Did you install a version before Opus 9.5 on Windows 7?

I desinstalled the opus 9.4 with ccleaner and installed opus 9.5 then

? There was no version 9.4.

Anyway, try following the guide to manually removing Explorer Replacement settings.

That should clean up any Explorer Replacement registry settings left over from installing earlier versions of Opus on Windows 7.

After doing that, reinstall 9.5 and everything should work again.

If it doesn't, does the control panel work if you uninstall Opus?

BTW, if you're having trouble accessing control panels (like "Uninstall A Program") that you need to use while installing/uninstalling, remember that you can type their name into the start menu and launch them directly without having to open the control panel window.

I tried the good method and I have not openindopus in my registry. I suppose that the software was indeed desinstalled.

And yes when I uninstall Opus, the control panel work ...

Did you remove the item under ShellExecuteHooks as well?

If you did and the problem is still there I'd suggest contacting GPSoftware support and sending them a link to this thread plus as much extra detail as you can think of (Windows version, version(s) of Opus that have been installed on the machine, language/regional/locale settings, etc.). They may have further things for you to try or may ask you to help them debug why the problem is happening on your machine.

Oh, another thing:

If you ever set the Opus installer, or any of the Opus executables, to use Vista Compatibility Mode in order to force the older versions to install on Windows 7, let me know. Doing that can make Explorer Replacement go wrong, even after installing a new version (since the compatibility flag sticks even when the exe is replaced).

Hum ok

I will send an mail to the gpsoftware support with more details. I hope the next version will take all windows seven's option .

Hum after some mails with the support, the compatibility dont work correctly.

For your question leo, I test the compatibility mode during the install,at the start and nothing ... the button panel control in opus and the button on start menu dont work. It start but the windows dont appear.

But when I desactivate opus, it work correctly because it's explorer.

See your private messages. (I replied there before seeing the new post in thread.)

I checked for the compatibility mode and it's off. I reinstall with turning off the compatibiliy but always nothing.

I see the cursor work but the window dont appear lol

Very very strange. I think that the next version will integrate all options.

Mea culpa. In the compatibility option I desactivated the admin level privilege.... and It work :smiley: