Panes sizes randomly jumping around

Hi forum,

after switching to v12 Beta, I got the problem that I can't successfully save my three pane layout anymore. Instead, the width of some of the panes randomly jumps between like 10% and 70% of the window width when resizing the window by mouse.

Also, after a Dopus restart, the panes end up with totally different widths from what I had adjusted them.

For example, I adjust the three panes (two file displays and the preview pane) to three times 1/3rd of the window width, i.e. at 33% -- 33% -- 33%.

Then I restart Dopus and the panes come up at like 45% -- 45% -- 10%.

What could be wrong here?

Do you save current Lister as default before restart?


Are you also opening the default lister when you restart?

How are you launching Opus, and what is that action configured to open?

(You were talking about layouts before so it may still be opening a layout instead of the default lister.)

No I set it to start with the default lister. Opus is lauched via a standard shortcut. The strange thing is that the preview pane's width also jumps around like crazy when only resizing the Opus window width a little.

What is the total width of the window, in pixels?

About 6000 pixels, spanning one and a half 4K monitors.

The 33% -- 33% -- 33% pane configuration in Opus does not even survive a minimize/restore operation of the Opus window. Instead it reverts to 45% -- 45% -- 10% every time, which is very inconvenient.

Simply opening the Find Utility Panel also destroys the pane configuration and makes the preview pane snap together to a tiny width :frowning:

Or dragging the right Opus window border only one pixel in either direction makes the preview jump between like 200 and 2000 pixels width.

Thanks for the report, this should be fixed in the next beta.

Great to hear that, thank you Jon.