Parallel operation in a dual view

Can DOpus be put in a "parallel" or "simultaneous" mode of operation in a dual view, where all operations performed in one pane are repeated automatically in the other? By "operations", I mean rename folder/file, move folder/file, create new folder. Both panes have identical folder structure. I searched the manual for "parallel" and "simultaneous", but couldn't find anything. I know that some FTP utilities have such a mode, where operations performed locally are repeated autom. on the FTP server. In my case, I'd like to do this on two drives.

Explanation: I use Jungle Disc, an online backup service, which backs up my files autom. The backed-up file tree is accessible as a virtual drive. Physically, the files are far away. On occasion, I like to reorganize my local folders/files to improve the structure. I'm not adding any new data, I'm just moving files/folders around, renaming them, etc. However, if I rename a folder locally, Jungle Disc will consider the "old" folder gone and a "new" folder created. It will delete the "old" folder on its server, and then re-upload the "new" folder - with the same contents! This may take hours or days, if the renamed folder is in the 10-20 GB range. I'd like to do such reorganization in "parallel", with both the local and the Jungle Disc drives open in a dual view. If the Jungle Disc tree can be made to mirror the changes I'm doing locally, no re-uploading will be required.

There isn't a proper way to do that.

You could probably make a button which asks for a new name and then renames the selected item, plus the item with the same name in the destination folder.

That would only work for renaming things, though. Moving things around would be more complicated. (I guess it could still be done with some VBScript or similar but not as a trivial one-line function or anything like that.)

Something that is in Opus which you might find useful is the Navigation Lock feature.

+1 for this functionality

Interesting idea, I also know these situations. Endless "resync" happens easily when you are reordering movie or huge disk-image files e.g.

Half of this feature is "kind of" done in the "LogCommand" addin, which is capable of logging/detecting file and folder operations to some good extend.
The other half, to "redo" these operations for the "other" location, at the same time or after you're fully done by reusing the logs, unfortunately is missing.

A scripted solution would require DO v11 on your side as well. In case you wanna take a look at "LogCommand": Command: LogCommand (detailed action/items/undo csv-logging)