Partly OT: Tool for cloning directory trees

Hello again,

I'm looking for a tool for cloning a directory tree without files.
It should be possible to save the tree and decide (via checkboxes) which dirs are creating on the target system. Any hints?

Many thanks and greetings

Searching for "copy folder structure" will lead you to this thread:


Not quite what you asked for, but the "xcopy" command can be used for a quick duplication of a directory structure.

xcopy source destination /t /e

A DOpus button with something similar to this:

xcopy {sourcepath$}*.* {destpath$}*.* /t /e

will duplicate the structure, but no checkboxes etc....


You can always duplicate whole folder structure and then delete files that are not necessary.

Hint 1: you can switch to flat-view: grouped mode in details view so you see whole folder structure.

Hint 2: you can delete unwanted folders one by one or switch to checkbox mode, select all unwanted folders and then delete them all at once or select folders that you want to keep, then use "invert selection" command.