Passing SHIFT + DELETE from keyboard to Directory Opus 13

So I just upgraded from Directory Opus 12 to 13. I was able to transfer how my 12 worked to 13, except i had to select in menus to hover to select. that did not transfer.

But I cannot figure out how to make SHIFT DELETE from the keyboards to delete selected files again. It worked in my directory opus 12 version but now nothing happens. I searched settings - preferences but cannot find anything. I was able to make a button for DELETE NORECYCLE and can use that by clicking on it. But is it possible to get keyboard working again to pass shift delete to opus to it deles files without recycle bin? I searched for delete in settings preferences and for keyboard but nothing intuitive comes up. It still works in windows explorer. Windows 11 latest. Directory Opus is running in total replacement mode. Keyboard SHIFT Delete keypress is completely ignored.

Also if i hold down shift, and click on file to bring up context menu and select delete, it does permanently delete. It just wont register keyboard delete it seems. but the key is not bad because it is registered in windows , the delete key.

Thank you in advance

Easiest way: Copy the Delete button from Customize > Default Toolbars to your toolbar, and remove any old delete buttons or hotkeys that are for the lister.

(Don’t remove the ones that are for the viewer toolbar/hotkeys.)

I did not have any delete keys on toolbar. i just made one in version 13. it works.

But my problem is i want to have files selected, and when i press SHIFT Delete on keyboard, it asks me if i really want to permanently delete these files or file. Right now delete is completely ignores, but shift will allow context menu to permanently delete.

The default Delete button includes hotkeys for Delete and Shift-Delete.

oh thank you, i had no idea the button would watch the keyboard, it works when i put the button you described up.