Password protect a folder

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is there a way (option, button, drop down menu) to password protect a folder via Directory Opus? I was looking in the program but could not find an option.

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Such a feature would likely require a lot of effort to be robust enough to be built in to the Dopus.
VeryCrypt is likely your best option. It creates secure "file containers" that mount and unmount on your computer as a virtual external drive.

While mounted, they appear like any other hard drive, and when unmounted your files exist in an encrypted file container that can be freely moved, copied, etc. like any other file.


You can encrypt folders in Windows, but that stops other accounts from reading their files, and doesn't add a password requirement when already logged into your account.

Beyond that, your options are using archives instead of folders, virtual drives/containers, or password protected drives/partitions.

Passwords on individual folders isn't something Windows supports, although you could probably set up a softlink to a BitLocker volume to get something that looks similar.

I think there is a third party tool called Folder Guard which does something like this but I've never investigated it so I don't know how or how well it works.

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I suppose it's a feature like on Macintosh operating system -> Disk Utility -> Image from Drive, and then choose a name for external drive with size for example 10 GB..I will keep that in mind, sir.

I assumed there must be a connection with a Windows and a third-party app that communicates betwen the operating system and the app platform. Probably the best thing to do is to backup files from time to time via external hard drive, besides the all apps that gives an option to secure folders and files with password. Thanks for the answer, sir.

For external, personal backups I use a hardware encrypted drive. No software required.

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I used Folder Guard several years ago. It was able to password protect folder and files, but when I boot in safe mode all locked folders where open. Because windows doesn't allow any third party app to run in safe mode startups. That was the main reason I stopped using it.
Maybe they have covered this hole during these past years. If not, it's still useless.

If I remember correctly I tested several other Folder protection apps and all were the same at the time.

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If you have a Pro edition of Windows, you can use the Disk Management to create a virtual hard disk image (VHD) as a file and then mount it and encrypt it with a Bit Locker in a "password" mode. This way you'll have a mountable vhd "image" (or "container") file which requires a password to mount, and you can dismount/eject it (via right click menu on virtual "drive") when done. I think it dismounts automatically upon OS shutdown/restart too.

This is similar to using the VeraCrypt except that it doesn't require downloading any third party software.

Here are the instructions with screenshots. Contrary to the instructions, you don't need to use the Disk Management console each time you want to mount the disk, you can simply click on the VHD file and you'll get asked for a password and it will get mounted (if it doesn't, then simply associate its extension with Windows Explorer and it will then work).

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Great info. Opus users always know about the best stuff. Thanks