Paste Here to New Subfolder & Paste Here with Path & Rich Paste

Paste Here to New Subfolder (JS) v0.3.txt (3.6 KB)

User-defined command: paste-sf
Paste Here to New Subfolder v0.3.osp (9.1 KB)
Paste Here to New Subfolder.dcf (270 Bytes)

Paste Here with Path ==========================================================
Paste Here with Path (JS) v0.3.txt (3.8 KB)

User-defined command: pasteWithPath
Paste Here with Path v0.3.osp (9.3 KB)
Paste Here with Path.dcf (268 Bytes)

Rich Paste ==================================================================
Requires at least Opus13.0.49 version:
Paste Here, Optional recreate the source folder structure.dcf (14.0 KB)

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Forgot to state this. :sweat_smile:

You can include icons in your script for them to use. Obviously don't use one that came from a competing program, but if you make one or find a free one, you can package it with the script (zip archive renamed to .osp) and make it so every user doesn't have to find their own icon and edit the script for it to work.

I just downloaded and used those icons in another forum and got used to those icons. I'll see how to package it when I have time.