Pasting a file in the clipboard from another app


I use a remote desktop sharing tool to connect to the remote desktops of other machines. This tool uses the Copy/Paste system as a means of transfering files from the remote desktop to the local machine. When I paste a file into a lister which already has a file of the same name Opus pastes the new file without prompting to "Replace the existing file .." - it renames the pasted file with a numeric extension eg filename (1).pdf. Since I have to keep pasting the same file many times a day from the remote machine is there a way to make Opus prompt to overwrite each time?



You could try using the COPY FORCE command.

What command are you running to paste the file into the lister? I wouldn't have thought any default config from Opus would even result in the behavior you're seeing. I could be wrong though of course...

I'm using Ctrl-V to paste the file into the lister - looks like I need to edit the command for Ctrl-V.

I have tried changing the default code for Ctrl-V to "Clipboard PASTE FORCE" but this does not seem to work?

EDIT: I just noticed that Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V do prompt for file replace but only if the Ctrl-C was done on a file in Opus - if you try Ctr-C'ing a file from say Windows Explorer then pasting into an Opus lister you dont get the file replace dialogue!

Not true for me, I get the prompt if I Ctrl-C in Explorer and Ctrl-V in Opus. Ctrl-V is defined as Clipboard PASTE.

I am running into the same problem; did anyone come up with a solution?

It may depend on which app you are pasting the data from, and how that app has put the data into the clipboard.

When copying a file via the paste buffer I am not prompted to overwrite; but instead the file is copied to an alternate name. The dpopus application I am copying/pasting the file into is running on a remote machine (mstsc).

I use to be able to force the overwrite; by typing the ctrl+shift+v. I have looked through the various menus and looked at modifying the key association; but no look so far.

Pasting into or out of Remote Desktop will probably behave differently to normal file copy & paste operations, since the file data is transferred in a very different way (the actual file contents may be pasted, rather than the target being given a list of filenames that it can copy itself; at least, I think it works something like that).

I don't remember Ctrl-Shift-V ever being an Opus hotkey but I might be wrong.