Pasting .PNG into a lister — slow to respond

I just changed the DOpus setting to paste an image saved to the clipboard as a .PNG image file. When it was formerly set to .JPG it pasted instantly. Now there is a multi-second delay before it shows up in the lister.

I'm using a screen clipping utility called Snipaste, and I have it set to save the screen snipping at as a .PNG, so although I do not understand the intricacies of this handoff with the clipboard, it seems like there wouldn't need to be any conversion done.

Wondering if there's a way to speed this up?


It's probably because Opus specifying high compression (smaller file size), which seems to become very slow for larger images. (Maybe related to CPU cache sizes, but just a guess.)

There was a thread about this a few weeks ago, if I recall correctly, and we plan to make the compression level configurable in the future.

I tend to paste as BMP so I can crop and convert the image afterwards, and since I often end up selecting part of it and then copy & pasting into a web browser without needing the file at all.

Tested with Snipaste v2.8.8-Beta (2023.09.25) 64bit and i have no delay.

I tried it just now pasting as a .BMP and it pasted instantly. The size difference is substantial, though. .BPM is much larger than .PNG.

The feedback about DOpus taking time to run compression on it seems spot on, but I'll say that Snipaste is able to produce a .PNG in a little under a second.

DOpus was able to run the .JPG compression almost instantly. Perhaps there is a different algorithm available for .PNG compression that is more efficient?

That’s something we’ll also look into if changing compression level doesn’t solve things.

BMP is much larger but it’s good as a temporary format before cropping and pasting or converting the image. JPG is fast but lossy, while PNG much slower (if the image is screen sized). That’s why I use BMP. But I’d switch to PNG as well if it was faster here. Hopefully we can speed it up one way or another.


Thanks, Leo!