Path drop-down keeps re-opening

After recently updating to the latest Opus 10, I've been experiencing an intermittent issue with the drop-down menu where if keeps 'popping' up and down continuously:
The only way to stop this happening is to press Ctrl.
Also, and this is intermittent too, when I open a program, and open a file associated with that program, pressing Ctrl will close the file. However, this only happens before any other key is pressed.

It looks like your F4 key is 'stuck'.

Try pushing F4 to see if that unsticks it.

I've tried that and the F4 key is fine. It's a fairly new keyboard and this started happening immediately after v10 upgraded...

(It may not be the keyboard hardware. Windows can get confused sometimes and think a key is stuck down in a particular application, until that application is activated and the key is pushed again.)

If it's not that, do you have anything like AutoIt or AutoHotkey installed that might be generating keypresses / hotkeys?

Have you tried rebooting since it started happening?

I've done all the usual reboot etc, and I don't have any hot key software - the only program I use with custom hotkeys is Adobe InDesign.

If you're able to access the menus and do a configuration backup (Settings / Backup & Restore), it might be worth then uninstalling Opus and then reinstalling it, to see if the problem still happens with a default config.

Note that uninstalling will wipe your configuration, which is why you'll probably want to make a backup first (unless you've only made simple changes you don't mind losing).

If you can't access the menus due to the problem, it's possible to manually back up the config by copying the /dopusdata and /dopusglobaldata folders to a safe place (e.g. to your desktop, outside the folder they are in). Information on finding the folders is here.

I've reinstalled and, so far, after limited testing, have had no issues. Fingers crossed it has solved the issue. Thank you, Leo :slight_smile:

Glad it's working now!

If you still have the config backup and want to send it to us, it might be worth doing in case we can work out what went wrong. Don't worry if you don't still have it though. (If you want to email it rather than post it in public, in case there's anything private in the config details, you can email it to )