PC Anywhere

Creating a PC Anywhere button to take control of other computers. Tested with PC Anywhere 10.5

Step 1

  • Create a new master icon.
  • Call it anything you like and assign it a random IP (If you don't PC Anywhere won't let you save).
  • Exit PC Anywhere.

Step 2

Create the Opus button using your install path for PC Anywhere.

"c:\program files\symantec\pcanywhere\awrem32.exe" "d:\documents and settings\all users\application data\symantec\pcanywhere\siege\test.chf" /C{Rs|Enter IP or Hostname}

You web browser will split this into multiple lines, in Opus you need to make sure this is all in one line

Just click on the button and type the IP or hostname you want to take control of. This way you don't need to launch PC Anywhere anymore. If, like me, you are a helpdesk technician, that means you take control of many computers per day, you will soon see that this trick is really time cost effective.

Author: Damien