PC malfunction, can't live without opus

PC malfunction/new install, files all over the damn place and could not function till opus was installed/even lost registration and easy to retrieve here. I honesty don't know how ppl work win w/o opus. One of the very best investments I've made pc wise.
Just to say you guys rock...and Leo yes, still have many kitties.
I have a friend in AU Canberra where things are pretty normal.
I hope you are in a part where it's not full blown insanity.
It's the same here in the states/some are clown world/where I'm at pretty chill.
This is going to be a long long ride...buckle up.


Thank you!

I hope the rest of the recovery goes smoothly!

Things are fairly normal where I am now, although some people are still getting very ill from it, so not entirely normal, but closer to it than a year ago.